Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tabula Rasa

After talking to Jeff for a bit, I realized I was kind of experiencing the same thing he was. Kind of a clean slate. With people, with experiences, with whatever. Now I am back at the start of all things. And maybe a little better off this time.

Photo by - Mladen Penev

I saw this the other day and rather enjoyed it. I just like the styling. The Fleet Street Scandal shop has got some really cool shirts and prints. I am considering getting the art book (my weakness). 

And that vid reminds me of this old MK 12 Man of Action video. I don't think I've watched this since college.

I am dying to work on some kind of project. I've got some more drawings to post if I can get my camera working. I'll get to them sometime this week. Anyone working on anything cool?

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