Monday, June 29, 2009

Never Ending Dream

This morning I dreamt that I was at EPCOT with Scott We were waiting outside of this stadium trying to get in to see Boys II Men. I really can’t tell you why. I have no actual desire to go see Boys II Men The security guy wouldn’t let us in, and we were trying to tell him it wasn’t going to be filled to capacity because, well it was Boys II Men. Finally after they let everyone in, the guard said that there are usually extra seats held over and that we could go sit there. He said that we’d find RA-130 suitable (or some weird number like that). I remember thinking that 130 sounded really high up there, and it was. So Scott and I were going crazy trying to find these awful seats. And we got to 130, but RA was on the other side of this big inaccessible structure. So, we had to walk back down and around. Then we ended up behind where we needed to be, but were blocked off by some bars. I thought to myself that it was too bad we couldn’t squeeze through the bars, and when I turned around I saw Scott had somehow done just that when I wasn’t looking. He was suddenly on the other side. I tried, but the bars were like 6 inches apart. So, I just said I’d go back down and work my way up through the crowded aisle. I started heading down and could see that I needed to get to the stairway on the far side (again). So, I got over there and slowly worked my way through the crowd. But the stairs of the aisle didn’t go up far enough. Over in the corner, I saw there was another narrow, kind of winding stairway. So I headed up that, only to find that it still didn’t get to where I needed to go. I was aggravated because I really didn’t want to see the concert, and at that point I knew it was probably more trouble to try and leave. I then noticed I could climb up the railings and get up to the higher levels. I began to climb up and was nervous I’d fall. Then I finally saw that the seats were across the way and I was going to have to shimmy across the front a high balcony. Finally my alarm went off and woke me up. But I was exhausted as if I was really dragging myself through it all. And no matter how close I got to my destination, it was always out of reach.

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These are kind of typical of the types of places I dream myself lost in. I guess its been a while since I have had a dream like this, but as I think about it some more throughout the day, I realize its a common theme for me.

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