Monday, June 15, 2009

Under Painting

This is my progress three hours into the painting (one hour to trace it out, and two hours of painting). I was hoping to put more time in, but this weekend was so busy. Saturday I went to the Orlando Brewery, to the Scott Scheidly exhibit opening at the BoldHype Gallery, then for a sushi dinner, to the Irish Pub, and finally to I Bar. Sunday I went to the wine bar for Megan's b-day, went swimming and then out to at dinner. No wonder I am tired today. Below is a crappy photo I snapped with my iPhone.

I just ordered this T-shirt. I love the graphic!


Katie said...

what Irish Pub do you go to?

Animatronyx said...

It was Lizzy McCormick's (I might have spelled that horribly wrong). Right across Orange from IBar.

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