Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dante's Inferno

The air conditioner (or as we call it "Life Support") died on Monday. I woke up and felt like it was pretty hot upstairs. I checked the thermostat and saw the temp was higher than the thermostat was set for. That seemed odd. I also heard a noise that sounded like someone was listening to music in another room. It was kind of garbled and indistinguishable. I am usually the last to leave, so I knew that more than likely, no one else was home. I walked downstairs, and found the noise was coming from the air handler. I looked at the vent where the intake is, and saw condensation and ice. Damn you! It finally got fixed yesterday afternoon. It was pretty crappy sleeping a night without it. I crashed downstairs on the couch. It was still hot (but not as bad as the upstairs). And all of the cat and dog hair was murder on my allergies. I slept three whole hours and was a miserable soul the whole next day. I guess that's why the call it Hell. I actually got to work early because I didn't want to be in the Inferno any longer than I had to.

I know I sound so spoiled. Waaaah, the a/c doesn't work. I guess you just get used to it always being there. Especially in Florida. Then you just take it for granted until it stops running.

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