Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Night I Dreamt...

I was in Manhattan, waiting in the subway. I wasn't really sure where I was, or what my destination was to be. I carefully stepped my way around from platform to platform, cautious not to fall into the tracks. My arms were full of stuff (over sized sketchbook, camera, headphones, iPod, etc). After I spotted a map, I put some of my stuff down on a bench so I could figure out where I was trying to go. I heard a train coming into the station and panicked a second. It didn't look like the train I needed to take, so I focused on the map again. As I tried to figure out where I was, I realized the map had no street names or any marks indicating which track was which. I panicked again, but recognized Brooklyn. It just felt like that was where I needed to go.

Just then, another train pulled and although I couldn't see what line it was, the color looked correct. So, I hurried to get on the train before the doors shut me out. As we pulled away from the station, I realized that I had forgotten some of my things on the bench in my haste. I imagined people taking my things and destroying them. The station I was so anxious to leave was now the station I was so eager to return to. I jumped out at the next stop, and managed to catch the next train heading back to where I'd left my things. I returned to find they were untouched.

I then took the train heading back towards Brooklyn. I was certain I would recognize my stop, even if there were no names on anything. As the train crossed the river, I could see lights and a Ferris wheel in the distance. The train grew nearer and I had an urge to be there. I knew this stop wasn't where I was heading, but I wanted to get out and see Coney Island. Surely there was time to capture some photos of all the spectacle and wonder before heading to where ever I was going. I got out and it was now dusk. The whole place was filled with the haze of different color neon signs.

People were dressed up in different costumes. A pack of skeletons with overgrown skulls passed me as I worried that it might be too dark to capture any decent photos. But it didn't matter, because I was really happy to be back there. Then I woke up and realized I was late for work.

I guess this was kind of my brains way of piecing random things together. I have been thinking about my Uncle Ross (who passed away this month) and how he took us all to Coney Island when I was a little kid. We still lived in New York at the time so I was probably 5 years old or so. I also heard New Moon on Monday this weekend. I remember hearing that song in his station wagon on what I think was the way to Coney Island. But could have happened any time around then. It's weird the things that we remember. I also remember hearing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. I felt bad that I wasn't able to attend the funeral. I imagine that was part of me trying to get back to Brooklyn. I am not sure why I was so worried about not leaving any of the important things (my art, photos, music) behind. I just wanted to get all of this out where I could remember it before I forget it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

At the cemetry gates...

A dreaded sunny day
So let's go where we're happy
And I meet you at the cemetry gate

- The Smiths

Here are some photos from a while ago. I finally got the negatives scanned in. I'll probably end up posting the two rolls of film over a few posts. This has been such a weird weekend.

There are some strange videos out there. I don't mean strange as in "interesting". Here is an odd video for Cemetry Gates.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ballerina Out Of Control

Here are a couple of 20 minute poses from figure drawing this morning. I've gone two Sundays this year. I am trying to be more consistent in going. I can't wait until I feel more confident with my mark making. It makes a big difference.

Ballerina Out Of Control - Ocean Blue

The Purple Pig

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Strange Highs and Strange Lows

Party out in the middle of nowhere, bad movie, Nyquil, walk in the park at midnight. And finally, some more photos.

This last photo was me experimenting with the pinhole setting on my Diana. I am looking forward to trying it out some more.

I love this song/video, and I would listen to it over and over and over. I used to have a crush on the first girl in the video. For some reason Warner Bros. and Sire Records don't want people embedding videos.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Exciting World of Commercial Flight (In Black and White)

I am finally getting to post some photos I took with my Diana (my XMas gift from Jeff and Mori). I shot a roll of color and a roll of B & W while I was in Texas (and returning). I am quite pleased with the photos. Almost all of the exposures on both rolls turned out. I also found that I can't cheat the scanning process and get very good results. I have been cutting the film and placing the strips in a sketchbook to flatten them out. The scanning process is way easier. Here are some photos from the black and white roll.

I was going to post a different video, but the style of Pulling Our Weight goes with the photo set. Plus, I have been feeling like a mopey cloud today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Post of 2010

It's taking me forever to get these photos up. I woke up one morning and saw there was a great layer of thick fog surrounding the house. So, I had to load my Holga and get some photos from around the lake.

For whatever reason, the fog reminds me of Some Velvet Morning by Nancy Sinatra.

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