Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Drawing from Books A Million

Weird, I was just thinking about when I used to draw when I worked in the Books A Million (BAM) cafe. That was kind of a fun job. I got to draw (on the low down, so I didn't get screamed at by my banshee of a manager) when it was slow there... like always. That seems so long ago. I used to also order really expensive artbooks I couldn't afford under fake names so I could look through them up at the customer service desk. Or I'd check them out and take them home. We didn't have the internet except for being able to look up books. so, I tried to run a GameBoy Advanced emulator off the cash register (it was just a windows based p.c. after all). But that didn't work. Instead, I took screen captures of the desktop and made it the wallpaper. Then I hid all of the icons and toolbar. Watching people try and figure it out while the customer was standing right there was pretty amusing.

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