Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Burlesque Photos (Part Trois)

The last of the burlesque photos from February. I went to Dr. Sketchy tonight at Tatame Lounge. There's nothing like drawing in a small sketchbook with a dull pencil in a dark corner 30 feet away from the model while drinking sake. If I look at my sketchbook tomorrow and decide there is anything worth posting, I'll put it up here. I also took some photos with good old Holga. I'll post them sometime as well.

Space - Female of the Species


Liu said...

So is there anything worth posting? I mean sketches? Or it's the same thing when some friends of mine were trying to draw while drunk, the drawings were Horrible disaster :)

Animatronyx said...

Oh, I still need to do that. I can't believe its Friday already. I have so many things going on. I'll try to get to it the drawings this weekend.

I also need to sit down and figure out a vaction plan. I want to go over to Europe in May/June but haven't looked up enough info on cost and where to stay etc. I want to start booking soon.

Liu said...

Oh, great, you should come to Dublin too :)
No worries about drawings, just curious what' you got.

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