Friday, March 26, 2010

200th Post

Damn, I knew my 200th post was coming up soon. Too bad there isn't something significant to say. I still need to write up my justification to get work to reimburse me for grad school. This week has been so exhausting.

200 Cigarettes is the thing I came up with for the 200th post. I don't even remember much of the movie I saw it so long ago, but it will have to do. Here is Harvey Danger covering the English Beat's "Save It For Later".

Harvey Danger - Save It For Later


Liu said...

Congrats on your 200th post! BM thinks the most important thing is that there are 200 posts altogether. So, content might be absolutely irrelevant. But in your case it's very interesting as usual. So, you've done well. Keep going.

Animatronyx said...

Thanks Liu! Tell BM to expect more great stuff : )

I just went to St. Augustine yesterday and took some photos. I can't wait to get them processed.

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