Monday, August 6, 2007

Self Imprisonment

This morning, I dreamed I was living in a large city. I was in this cramped and crowded apt. building. It was tough squeezing past all of the bodies of the people standing in the narrow hallways. At some point, two people grabbed me and dragged me away. I found myself in a prison. It was homemade, as if some one had converted their apartment into a cage. It was several stories above the street level. Somehow, I'd found out that a close friend of mine was being held in similar confinement in an apt. above me. I Looked all around for a way to escape. I realized that the screws holding the bars into the walls were not tightened at all. I could simply loosen them with my fingers. I thought it was odd, but knew it was my way out. I just had to wait for the right time to slip out when no one would notice.

While looking out the window to the busy street below, I noticed my friend (who was supposedly captured above me) was walking around on the street. I wondered how he had managed to escape. I tried to call out to warn him. He didn't hear, but he didn't seem nervous either. Later on, They put a girl in the prison along with me. I was ready to escape, but was hesitant to leave her behind. I realized I had to worry about myself and could not allow myself to be trapped in the bad situation.

I woke up and contemplated it a bit. I realized that the prison was self-made. That I knew I could escape from it, but hesitated. Maybe because I was uncertain of what would happen to me if I made it out? Maybe I was just comfortable where I was? In the dream, the prison was not really capable of keeping me in, except for that I decided to wait there. I could have easily let myself out, so it was only me holding myself back.

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