Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Two miles of walking at 4:30 in the morning is not something I usually look forward to. But I was excited to get to go see Stonehenge at sunrise. Visitors are typically restricted to being roped off a few hundred feet from the stones. Thanks to Momo and her inside tip, I was able to go early and get as close to the stones as I wanted. Going so early not only provided lighting, but it also gave me the chance to take pictures with only a handful of other people around. It was pretty easy to get some nice photos without a bunch of people standing around. It was already daylight when I left the hotel in Amesbury, and the scenery was beautiful. It was a really great experience.


Ann said...

Some great photographs, that you took. I especially love the one with lots of grass and stonehenge washed out.. makes it all the more 'mystical'?

Animatronyx said...

Thanks so much. If you're talking about the 4th from the bottom, that is my favorite as well. It reminds me of an impressionist painting.

Liu said...

I like these photo a lot. they are as much about light as about subject.

Animatronyx said...

Thanks Liu :)

I was really glad we went at sunrise. The light and shadow was so much more dramatic than if the sun had been directly above. I hope you're doing well. I just finished reading the Picture of Dorian Gray last night.

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