Monday, April 26, 2010

Swan Lake (Photos)

Some BBF photos from a while ago. This past weekend was quite fun. Saturday night I told the roller derby girls I'd DJ at Little Fish, Huge Pond. I was quite excited/nervous because I've never DJed in my life. Well, maybe that isn't true. I DJed in the fifth grade at Enterprise Village. Everyone had to apply for a job, and I was hired as a DJ for the radio station. Lately, I have been up for some challenges. Yesterday I had an amazing brunch, followed by a walk around Winter Park. I got to shoot some film and just enjoy being outside.


Liu said...

I liked these photos so much, I wanted to write a comment, but Blue Monkey said she'll kick me our for being exited about stuff. So I'd better not to... except I like the last one the best.

Animatronyx said...

I always appreciate your comments! So, maybe it's worth being kicked : )

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