Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Exciting World of Commercial Flight (In Black and White)

I am finally getting to post some photos I took with my Diana (my XMas gift from Jeff and Mori). I shot a roll of color and a roll of B & W while I was in Texas (and returning). I am quite pleased with the photos. Almost all of the exposures on both rolls turned out. I also found that I can't cheat the scanning process and get very good results. I have been cutting the film and placing the strips in a sketchbook to flatten them out. The scanning process is way easier. Here are some photos from the black and white roll.

I was going to post a different video, but the style of Pulling Our Weight goes with the photo set. Plus, I have been feeling like a mopey cloud today.


Liu said...

I really like your photos. They are strangely mysterious. Maybe it's just me.
Hope you're not cringing when people leave stupid comments. You know, some do.

Animatronyx said...

Thanks Liu! I have really enjoyed shooting film instead of digital. Digital copies are too perfect, and I like that my camera uniquely skews the image, the way a memory is remembered differently by individuals.

Please feel free to leave comments. I wish more people would :)

Liu said...

Cheers! It took me a lot of courage to actually post a comment. Not everyone likes Blue Monkey poking around. Reflects on blogger. Didn't want to spoil your style.

Animatronyx said...

Monkeys are supposed to poke around. I quite like the blue monkey on your blog's banner. Did you make it?

Liu said...

Yes, I did :) Or she made me make her. Alex took this photo, I'm not very good with camera.
Thanks, you are very kind :)

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