Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's Happening

Where to start? I don't know. I guess at home. Everyone's getting used to the new space and each other. Tonight we had some issue with the plumbing and the toilet downstairs overflowed like, "Woah!" Someone should be out tomorrow to fix it. I drove over to Floral Dr. to shower since we can't really run any water here for now.

Work has been going well. I talked to someone who had a review of our material with the customer. They were unhappy with some really old illustrations in the training. So, I was asked to create some new illustrations. Apparently, the customer had doctored up some stuff they were going to show us as suggestions on how to improve. But then they saw mine and liked them even better than what they'd come up with. It's really nice to hear such positive feedback.

I need to nail down my reservations to Peru. Every week I keep putting it off until the next payday. I am semi-excited about going. I looked up some photos and Macchu Pichu looks amazing. I am hoping to get some time to sit down and sketch while I am there.

It has been kind of cold the past couple of days. So, I got the chance to wear my awesome new sweater. By the way, the iPhone cover is houndstooth...

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