Monday, April 13, 2009

It was a long, short weekend

This weekend was only a two day weekend for me. But it was pretty arduous none the less. Jeff and I spent yesterday and today clearing out the rest of Floral Dr. It's a 50 something year old house, and it shows. The electricity and water had been turned off, making it especially challenging to clean up.

I also still had some sinus issues, even though I had thought it was all clearing up. Yesterday, I had a striking pain in my ear when I was blowing my nose. This later led to a nose bleed. I am hoping it was just from my sinuses being dry or something. I'm glad to be out of the old place.

And I did have a chance to go out. Last night we went to Uberbot. I bought a World War Robot art book there. Then we ate sushi and went bar hopping. Now it is already Monday and work is anxiously awaiting my return.

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