Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm on your back

I finally got to visit those British peoples' house. They really do stuff you full of great food. Their two bulldogs are too funny. It was just what I needed. I got an instant message from my supervisor today. The customer really liked the animations I've been working on. That's always great to hear.

Lately, I have been clenching my teeth. I am not aware that I am doing it except for when it gets to the point where it hurts. What gives? I don't really feel stressed. I am really confident I will finish my work, even if the schedule is tight. I've been feeling really reminiscent this past week. I can't believe I have lived in Orlando for almost 8 years. I don't feel old now. But I must have been a kid when I came here. To memories...

Foo Fighters - Walking After you

The line about being tangled in a blanket of clouds always sticks in my head. Actually, I was really into Gustav Klimt's paintings back when I used to listen to this song. I have been looking through that book a lot again recently. I always had this image of some one literally wrapped in a blanket ornamented in clouds. Maybe a future project?

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