Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bang the Mini!

It finally happened. I was rear-ended on my way home. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I was pushed into the car in front of me. My rear bumper and trunk are smashed. My hood is dented and my front bumper looks like the paint has a bunch cracks. The car doesn't start either. Rumor has it that there may be a fail-safe switch. Thanks Mini, I can't think of any reason I might ever want to drive away from an accident... I don't understand the purpose of it. Damn it, that car is cursed!!! I was supposed to be in Virginia! The best part is, the guy at fault left because he had paid $700 to meet Beyonce. His brother showed up, and he took his brother's car and left his brother with us. The damn community officer was a bitch. She said it took her an hour to get there because we gave her the wrong location. How many Lynx terminals are there???!!! Only one dumb ass. I know exactly where I am located, because I sat there for over an hour. My car got hit so hard, it knocked the letters and numbers right off of the tag...


I spoke to Mini and asked why the car won't start. The geniuses that built the car, designed it so the motor shuts off automatically when it senses a collision. Seems like a good idea. Except, they designed the cut-off switch as part of the cable that runs from the battery to the motor. Now they want $613 to replace the cable. Why not just build the system to reset? Oh, because they couldn't charge $613 to replace it each time if they did that. I'm glad someone else's insurance is dealing with it.

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