Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fade Out Again...

I saw my sketchbook lying on the desk in the other room. I forgot about this sketch I drew, waiting around in the airport on Christmas Eve (whilst listening to Radiohead). I am building a collection of airport drawings apparently. I like to kill time waiting for flights or in the waiting room at the doctor's.

I've been looking at applying to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) recently. I am anxious/nervous to get a Master's degree. I have been wanting to go back to school ever since I graduated from UCF. Well, this degree would be earned entirely online. I started thinking about the limitations of attending a school based merely on proximity. I need to beat my portfolio into shape. I haven't really worked on any solid projects outside of work since I graduated.

I just felt like watching Street Spirit (Fade Out).

"this machine will
will not communicate
these thoughts
and this strain I am under"


Liu said...

MA is great. I got a place in my school some time ago, but decided not to go through with this at the end. I was a little bit naive for that. No artist's practice whatsoever. But if you think it's right time, then good luck. Choose wisely:)

Animatronyx said...

I received my BA about 7 years ago. I keep feeling like time is speeding up each day. In the back of my mind, I think that I would already have my MA if I had just started school some time ago. I think the time is right ; )

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