Monday, November 30, 2009

New York Photos (part dos)

Here is a second helping of photos from my trip to NYC a couple of weekends ago. This past week and a half have been such a blur. An extremely fun blur. I am still screwing with this new scanner (it's a Canon 8800F that will not work with my MacBook Pro. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love some help). I have been having issues with scanning monochromatic film. Even scanning it as color gives me a range of results. I keep getting horizontal scratches in the scans, but I don't see any in the film. Maybe I'll take a roll to Colonial Photo and Hobby and have them scan it. Just to see if it's the film or the scanner or the user. I am hoping to get better results from the film I shot at St. Patrick's Cathedral, but I may just post them with the flaws. There are more photos to come...

St. Patrick's Cathedral

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