Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Much to Do

The past two weeks have been a torrent of events. Work has been super busy. And the pace hasn't let up on the weekends. I drove over to Tampa on Friday to hang out at the Florida Aquarium with Mimi. Oh, and drink some disgusting drinks. Saturday, we had a 2nd birthday party for Cassie (since all of the family was around). Sunday was Courtney's Christening. Monday we took my mum out for dinner (she turned 60 a couple of weeks ago). I also shot a couple more rolls of film while i was over there. The photos will be posted once i get the film developed. Then my brother followed me back to Orlando. We got to hang out a bit. Before I know it, the weekend will be here. Oh, and I got another raise yesterday. Yay me!

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