Sunday, August 10, 2008

Point of View

Today we went and viewed a bunch of ridiculously priced high rise apartments. They were really cool. Damn there's a great view from the 28th floor. But it just kept coming back to how much more expensive it really ends up being. Its not worth it. I'd rather use the money to go see some more of Europe or Asia. Its always nice to go out there and refocus yourself. It helps you to remember how well off you really are.

The image below is a test render of a tv camera. Very exciting I know. Its the start of me modeling some components to populate the head of my robot thing (see the sketch in the July 16 post). So, there will be more details added as well as more components. Hang in there, it will be cool when its completed. This blog is here for me to post works in progress as well as to show some of the development. Hopefully, someone will find this interesting.

This was modeled in Maya and rendered with the default Maya software render engine.

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