Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sick as Hell

I got back last night. I went to bed and had the chills. I woke up several times during the night from dreams of being lost in Millennium Park. But it was a weird sort of nightmarish contortion. The park would constantly shift around on giant concrete slabs like plate tectonics. I could always see where I was trying to get to, but could never reach it because of the constant rearrangement of the park. Anyway, it was all induced from my stomach cramps and pounding headache. I am finally feeling slightly better.

On the plane, I had some time to draw. So, I roughed out what I thought the inside of my logo's head will look like.

I sat next to a little old Spanish lady on the flight home. As the plane neared Orlando, the woman tapped me on the shoulder and told me how much she'd loved my drawings. She said that she had always hoped that one of her sons would be an artist. It was really unexpected. Its great to hear some input from someone who is so outside my circle.

1 comment:

Half-an-Acre said...

WOW! that cloud gate is fantastic - like a giant bicycle helmet!
I've never seen it before ......

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