Friday, July 18, 2008

Windy City

Chicago was an awesome get away. There is just something about being there that I really enjoy. Here are some pics from last week:

Here is the Cloud Gate at Millennium Park. It is even more impressive in person.

Its hard to see, but Jess, Cassie, and I are in the reflection of the mirror.

I swear the guy in American Gothic escaped and was checking himself out. I wish I had a better cam than my cel phone.

Here is an aardvark in a busket.

The H8r and I at Lincoln Park Zoo.

This is a ridiculously cute Sun Bear gnawing on a bone.

1 comment:

Half-an-Acre said...

adorable aardvark... we have a family joke about aardvarks so i did chuckle to see this one in a bucket!

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