Monday, February 4, 2008

Reoccuring Dreams

Last night/this morning I had a couple of dreams that fall in-line with themes that are common reoccurances. They may be part of the same dream, I don't remember all of the details.

I do remember walking around a really large concrete building. Like a giant mall or museum that was 7 or 8 stories tall. I was walking around with ice skates on. I felt bad that I was ruing the blades by walking on the pavement. I didn't want to take them off because I had no other shoes. Plus, I remember feeling threatened or at least like I was being pursued. There weren't a lot of people around. I remember seeing some displays set up. I don't know if I was trying to find the exit, or find someone else I was there with. I wondered around through endless dimly lit hallways.

After pushing my way through a stuck door, I found myself on the roof next to gigantic air conditioning units. I could hardly see because it was so bright outside. I felt that I was vulnerable on the open roof, so I went back in the doorway. I rushed through the maze of halls, but could not find my way back.

Later on, the scene changed. Probably because my alarm woke me up and I fell back asleep. It was now night time and it was very dark outside. I was riding in a van with my family. We were trying to find a bridge so that we could go outside and look up at the stars without any light pollution from the city. We were having a hard time finding the bridge because of the heavy darkness. I climbed out onto some kind of part of the van that had a glass roof and a glass front. I was able to see the reflection of the blue moon on the water and new the bridge lay ahead. As we approached the bridge I saw that it was very long because the other end faded off into the horizon. We drove out a couple of miles and my dad decided to stop so we could all get out. Oddly enough, we pulled over to the side of the bridge where there was a gigantic factory. I was surprised that there would be such a large building out in the middle of the open water. I didn't want to be by the large building, and I was mad that my father hadn't parked on the farside of the lanes where there was some sort of viewing platform.

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