Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great Week So Far

Yesterday I ordered a print of "The Cat in the Hat" by Jason Limon. I can't wait til it arrives!

I also finally got to see 500 Days of Summer with Jeff and Mori at the Enzian. It was such a great movie! It was funny, and cute, and depressing all at the same time. Some times it hit too close to home, but so worth watching.

Tonight is Dr. Sketchy at Tatame Lounge. I hope they have a really cool model (and that it's not too crowded). Last month there were too many people for me to enjoy it. I'll post some drawings if they turn out well. And hopefully my film will be ready to be picked up today.


Anonymous said...

yeah, that movie was great, wasn't it? it definitely hit home at times and it's something that every guy should really go thru. i mean, we learn so much by that experience.

but this week, even a better movie comes out - yo joe! haha, i actually have low expectations but i gotta go anyways!

Animatronyx said...

Yup, I went and saw GI Joe on Friday afternoon since I didn't have to work.

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