Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jury Duty

So, I'll admit I wasn't happy when I was summoned to go to jury duty. I have gone once before and was disappointed at how over-theatrical the whole process was. Not that it was the courts fault. It was just the people involved in the case, including the lawyers. I really felt like it had been a waste of my time. I think I'd be a great juror. I pay attention to details, I am good at figuring things out, and I think I am very fair. I felt like the fiasco I had witnessed was a waste of my time.

I was worried today that it might be a repeat. I figured I'd just bring my sketch book and hope for the best. It turned out really well. I was only randomly picked for one jury selection, and I was not picked to be on the jury. I was relieved. Listening to the questions the lawyers asked during the process led me to believe I was in for the same kind of spectacle I had witnessed 9 years ago. In fact, the defense compared the scenario to the Jerry Springer show. Is this really what the tax payer's money goes to? Its such a shame. Anyway, I got to sit around, listen to music, and sketch most of the day. So, I can't complain about getting paid to do that. Here are my drawings from today.

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