Monday, October 15, 2007

Better than

I have been in a really good mood the past few days. I was pretty stressed out last week. I guess my weekend was restful. I got to talk to chat with a friend I'd been thinking a lot about recently. I was down a bit going in to the weekend. I had been thinking about how this time last year there was so much going on. And Halloween being two weeks away made me remember exactly what I was doing a year ago. I feel like this year has been unremarkable. I know, its not over yet. The heat starting to drop off is great. That is one thing that always brings up my spirit. I'd felt extremely apathetic lately. There wasn't much to change it.
Hopefully, I won't fall into my general malaise. I went swimming today, and the plan is to just keep going. I ordered my Halloween costume. Its nice to stop wondering what I am going to do for a costume. My new favorite thing is Assassin's Creed. I had seen the trailer a while ago, but I have really taken to the style of it. I also really like the UNKLE song that is used. Things like this game make me wonder why I waste technical writing when I could be creating cool games or videos. Here is the trailer.

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