Wednesday, September 5, 2007

28 Years Later

Does it matter how old I get or what experiences I encounter in life? It seems like whether or not you do all of those things you're supposed to do (pay your taxes, stop at red lights, help little old ladies cross the street), you still get dicked over. Everything becomes such a pain in the ass. Your car gets hit by someone not paying attention. It still costs you money, your car will never be repaired to the same state it was in, and you have to go around without a car for however long it takes. Same thing with these expense reports for work. They're supposed to be easy. I feel like the admins should be there to pull you out of the water when you can't catch your breath. Instead, it seems like they are there to stand on your head. I feel like no matter what decisions I make, right or wrong, I never catch up, nevermind getting ahead. And so 28 years later... am I better or worse off. I feel like I am working my way backwards.

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