Monday, June 11, 2007

New old dream...

I used to have this recurring dream a few years ago. I still have them every so often. They usually happen in waves. Like a few within a week. A couple of mornings ago, I dreamt I was waiting on line at a water slide park. (My recurring dreams are based around water. Either in vast oceans or water parks. Oh, and sometimes I fall out of roller coasters on the loop-to-loops.)

So, I am waiting in line. I don't remember if I was actually there or just kind of witnessing it. I saw a mother with two little sons. The line for the slide was kind of in this rocky area, and there was a lot of smooth concrete too. The two kids were kind of poking around. One boy found a square kind of opening in this cube like concrete structure. Inside of the opening was very dark. The mother warned him not to play around there. Sudden;y he fell into a very deep hole. The kind like in Looney Toons where you can here the person keep falling as there voice reverbs farther and farther down. Anyway, the other brother stuck his head in the opening and came out crying hysterically.

It was all kind of strange. I woke up after that. I think that maybe the fallen child's skeleton popped back out. I may have just made that up after I woke up. I was kind of wondering what had happened to him.

I remember going to Lake Ronkonkoma as a child. I have this faded recollection of a large square concrete inlet on the lake. I think you could stand on it, and look over the side to see the water draining in to it. I remember being scared of it as a little kid. That if I got too close the water would pull me in and take me under the ground with it. Its pretty similar to events in this dream. I asked my parents about this place. Surely, they'd have a better memory of this place. They didn't know what I was talking about. I also tried searching the edges of the lake. I thought maybe the concrete structure could be seen from satellite. My room mate had told me about a legend of Lake Ronkonkoma. Here is what I found in the Wikipedia:

"The lake is the subject of a number of urban legends, mainly rooted in the area's rich Native American heritage. For example: 1. It's bottomless (and/or empties into the Long Island Sound or other waterways). In fact, the lake is relatively deep (approx. 70 feet) in the middle, and is what's known as a kettle hole lake; 2. Every year the lake sacrifices someone. Specifically, "The Lady of the Lake" calls young men out to the middle of the lake and drowns them. In all versions, the lady is an Indian princess who herself drowned in the lake, for reasons that vary depending on the story. Undoubtedly there are people who drown in the lake on occasion; 3. There is a mysterious rise and fall of the lake that doesn't have any noticeable relationship to local rainfall totals. This has not been sufficiently explained either way."

Lake Ronkonkoma

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